Fairway Colombo Street Food Festival 28th & 29th October 2022

The second edition of the Fairway Colombo Street Food Festival follows in the wake of its former successful track record of a month ago and will come alive in the last weekend of October.


It is destined to provide a wonderful ambience for the enjoyment of good food in a festive atmosphere with Magic Box Mixup performing on Friday the 28th and the Kingdom featured on Saturday the 29th.



This constitutes a family event with a tantalizing array of delectable food of all sorts across the precincts of the street to partake of a much-awaited superlative indulgence that comes alive in the hub of Colombo for another consecutive time.



The event that traces its roots to 2017 when Mr. Hemaka DeAlwis, the visionary Chairman of Fairway Holdings pioneered the first street festival that will kick off once again to enthrall crowds to make Hospital Street a sea of heads with people vying to partake of wholesome freshly prepared food whilst conversationally mingling in the crowd.

The organizers have themed this as a night of revelry and enjoyment beneath the wonderful open night sky with the necessary contingency measures if bad weather prevails.



This occasion will also be a launching pad for vendors in the Fort area and greater Colombo to showcase their cuisine and culinary arts to the visiting folks.


A wonderful opportunity is provided to stall owners to establish transact business in a relaxed atmosphere with the refreshing cool breeze from the Galle Face wafting through with a myriad aroma of food barbequed, grilled and baked that entices taste buds.



This will be a provision for granting a first-hand experience to guests to woo them continually towards the food showcased and a golden opportunity to boost brand name and establish rapport for further links.



The accent of this street food fiesta will be a celebration of the diverse multiethnic roots of our cultural cuisine from the inimitable Kotthu with fish, beef, chicken, or vegetarian option to Indian, North Indian, Italian and Sri Lankan cuisine inclusive of Western delicacies with a wide range of drinks, desserts and salads.



The organizers have taken special care to plan this event meticulously and cater in a well-organized manner to the crowds that converge. Stalls will ensure hygiene and displayed and sold in accordance with health guidelines. The Police will render services in providing traffic arrangements and ensure the safety of both vendors and participants.